Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Bow Wow and Soulja Boy obviously are close, and they play alot- bt one of their recent jokes/bets is kind of...serious - but not extrememly! lol.

@souljaboytellem: You know what Lil @BowWow you not worthy to compete with me anymore. Now you gotta outsell my artist @Khleo_T 1st week b4 you can get to me

Bow Wow deleted his tweet basically saying 'whatever, I bet Khleo won't out sell [his colleague] Lil Twist' -who was sitting right next to him at the time, Bow Wow said.

@liltwist: I'm gone say one thing @BowWow & @souljaboytellem there's gonna be very few to out sale me when I drop and the name that was mentioned isn't

<-- he's talking about @Khleo_t --

@souljaboytellem: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ilyofficial'ss thoughtss, yea tht'ss me: I actually think @Khleo_t shouldnt really care or have any hard feelinqss - number one - but his profile DOES say 2010s best new artist so he'll juss have to live up tew it. I have great trust in @souljaboytellem 'ss word bt uhh, @liltwist grabbed the crown first , his artist will juss have tew wait a couple yrs until @youngmoneypage is finish passing the crown around. ahah bt after tht, he can have it...

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