Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nicki Minaj / Gloria Velez

Gloria Velez once again throws rocks and a brick wall. She spoke about Nicki Minaj again [isn't weird on how many times she can talk about Nicki? Either she's a Lesbian.. or an Attention Whore. I think both. SAD.

She says that she thinks Nicki is lying about being bisexual.
She also throws shots at Remy Ma...

"She [Remy Ma] told Funk Flex she didn't like me. I mean come on how do you just not like somebody and want to fight them? Alright then we can do it, let's pop it off, alright b*tch. A lot of the females wouldn't say anything to her but 'll be damed if I'll be afraid of anybody." - Hip Hop Wired .

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