Monday, November 14, 2011


Go get Drake's sophomore album Take Care released today! It's NO question that you've listened to 'Headlines', 'Free Spirit' or 'Make Me Proud' on repeat in the last few weeks. And if not-- you've heard Drizzy Drake on your radio airwaves! This album seemed to shock some customers who expected the musical composition to be very 'sappy', based on their opinions of his debut album Thank Me Later. That (and the clarity of the album) is the reason Take Care got a whopping 6/6 from CG. Though the album was leaked about 8 days before the set release date, there's no doubt that the sales will do fine and increase exceptionally. #DoWork. BTW, DRAKE WILL BE SIGNING ALBUMS IN HARLEM TOMORROW!! @ the BestBuy on 117th Street & Pleasant Ave. Allegedly, starts at 9 PM!! Contact: 646)672-9959.

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