Thursday, February 23, 2012

Caution Children

Interview with Caution Children below..

Q: So.. just to make this clear to everyone out there..who are the Caution Children?
A: Caution Children is a Hip Hop group that I [Lunchbagg] formed with my friend Nino Green. We've worked well in the past and it only seemed right to put out an entire project that had the blending of our two styles in it.

Q: Your video for 'Table Top' is amazing, how did the concept for the video come along? & You were very ecstatic, LOL, guessing the shoot was fun?
A: Glad you enjoyed it, we thought of it while we were at Ny System in Olneyville. Sat down with Berto and etched out a couple of concepts that seemed like fun. We knew that it was going to be a party song, but we wanted to add our own little dynamic to it. So we through on suits and ties and through a house party.
It was a lot of fun to shoot, and we got a lot of support from the people who were there.

Q: ...And who directed it?
A: It was directed by Liftoff Pro.

Q: Is 'Table Top' a stand-alone single, or there is a mixtape full of amazing songs of that is being/will be released?
A: So many of the songs on this mixtape sound like singles. They've all got tons of replay value, solid lyrics and great production. We've got a couple of other songs picked out for our list of singles. Its gonna be really dope.

Q: What's next for Lunchbagg considering your solo career?
A: Currently, I've gone back into the production of my next mixtape. Not really rushing it, just letting the creative vibes flow and focusing on the perfect sound. Expect a ton of bangers on that tape too. I'm looking to take what I did on "Paper and Pen Love Affair" and make it 30x better.

Q: An what about mister Nino Green?
A: Nino is also working on "Open Heart Surgery 2" which is a follow up to Open Heart Surgery, a tape that he dropped a while back. Be sure to download that, great music.

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