Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tyga / Honey Cocaine

Tyga had to get out of character in Omaha, Nebraska on March 19th, 2012. A group of local artists got upset because they couldn't open up for Tyga. So they started throwing shit on stage- and it escalated. Of course anyone, who has followed Tyga's career (or anyone who lives in Compton) knows that Tyga bangs blood (WAY b4 he met Wayne). So apparently the random ppl starting gettin' buck and he got buck back. Told them to meet him outside; but nothing happened. Instead the ppl followed the tour VAN (not tour BUS) that Honey Cocaine was in, thinking in was Tyga's van, since both vans were identical. They followed in a Ford Taurus (really though?) and shot at it. There were two little kids & 8 others in the van with Honey Cocaine. 2 ppl got shot: one being Honey Cocaine, in her arm. She is fine and at the moment it hasn't been reported that there have been any arrests made. Tyga & his crew let the people's disrespect fly through like half of the show but then they got tired of it. Why go to his concert if you wanna beef with him though? Honey Cocaine speaks on the incident.

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