Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cassidy VS Meek Mill

If you haven't heard, Meek & Cassidy have been going back and forth with each other, via Twitter, etc. Now it's been said that Meek said he would like to battle Cassidy for 100K. Cassidy says he just bluffing. He sits down with Vlad TV to discuss everything. Meek allegedly said he wants to see Cass & Murda Mook battle, but then brought Cassidy's name up about him (Meek) being the first industry rappers to go back to battling.

Check the flows (Both in the early 2000s)... Cassidy vs Freeway Battle

Cassidy's Rounds- 0:30, 4:05, 7:31, 10:31..........

...........2:00, & 5:11.

Meek Millz vs Tech Battle

Meek's Rounds- 2:58, 6:28..........

...........& 1:32.

Swizz beatz has already endorsed Cass lol. I hope they do it.

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