Friday, April 16, 2010

BET's 2010 Spring Bling: Performances...+

Nicki Minaj just chillin in thee buggy.
Terrence J hosting the FUNNY segment, 'Who Got Game?'.
Rocsi ( host ) in her BEAUTIFUL body painting!
Terrence J ( host ) had the crowd pumped!!
TJ and Roc-zilla killing it!!
TJ, Rocsi, and Chris Brown ending the segment, Beach Towel Throw-down.
Soulja Boy goin' ham with Roscoe Dash.
Chris Breezy getting hype!
Chris Brown performing.
Waka Flocka Flame performing.
Waka performing.
Is he flirting?
Yo Gotti's fitted goes H A R D - like all thee way.
SBeezy an' R-O-S-C-O-E DASH !! Turnt up!!
Plies performed his new single, She Got It Made.
Party Boyz - Flex performance.
DJ Diamond Kuts - she DJ'ed for Nicki Minaj's segment.
Trey Songz and his models.
Trey Songz's models.
Trey Songz...( @SONGZYUUUP )...was H-O-T...a must see!
Nicki Minaj performing.
Nicki Minaj performing.
Terrence doin his J. O. B. well!
Kinda Cloudy.... but they don't care !!
Trey Songz ... Say Ahh performance.
Yo Gotti.
Thee hosts .
Plies ( cameo is blurry sorry );
Roscoe Dash an' S. Beezy! ( cameo is blurry sorry );
Nicki MInaj performing again, an' again !
Nicki Minaj. ( cameo is blurry sorry );
Nicki Minaj.

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