Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nicki Minaj

(at BET Hip Hop AWards in image above)
Nicki Minaj withdraws herself from the Rihanna/Ke$ha tour.
When she made this grand decision it was only a couple days after the tour was announced.

On April 6th (Late Tuesday) she tweeted: @NickiMinaj : *sighs* how ... how do i say this ... hope the barbz [her fans] will understand ... hate letting them down. *sighs again while in deep thought*.

On April 7th (Wednesday) she tweeted: @NickiMinaj : Barbz I'm sorry 2 say I will not be going out on RiRi's tour. I've decided 2 use that time 4 the completion of my album. Hope u understand.

A rep for Minaj confirmed to MTV News that the MC is leaving the tour to complete her album.